At IN Garage door repairs, we specialize in commercial garage doors. It could be either an industrial warehouse or a commercial retail unit, IN has you covered. With different sizes and shapes of doors and with different material being used for each, IN will proceed to look through the certain amount of materials and parts needed for the specific garage door to be fixed.

It is also advantageous to plug and unplug your door opener just in case it needs to be rebooted for a short while. You must also find the manual of your garage door opener because you might have missed a very important instruction.

It is also important to note that the life span of a garage depends on how you maintain it. Ensure that you lubricate various moving parts of the garage door to prevent wear and tear and also keep the garage dry to reduce rusting. In addition, sign up a contract with a good garage door repair company to have frequent check ups on your garage door.

We understand the demands of Canada’s often-harsh climate, which means we only supply and install the highest of quality doors as well as parts that are built to last.

We install roller doors, (steel and aluminium) roller shutters, grilles, sectional doors and rapid roll doors complete with industrial door motors and sectional/tilt door motors.

All installations are backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with our service, please do call us and we will definitely help to work something out.

Try it out for yourself to see if you can fix the cause yourself before calling a repairs man. Because the solution might just be on the tip of your nose. Sometimes, we neglect to see that our plugs are not working anymore. So instead of hiring the nearest shop for the repair of the opener, it is more convenient to repair the plugs first.

It might also be the remote. Since many garage doors are now benefiting from technology, many are using this small device. And sometimes, garage door openers would not work because the remote is not working anymore, or it needs new batteries. You can troubleshoot the remote of course, or buy new batteries. It may also be the sensors. If this is the case, try to wipe the dirt stuck on the sensors to clear its vision.

You should verify that the Garage Door Expert has the essential business licenses for Canada. If you are uncertain of the business licenses that are required for Garage Door Expert, contact the Department of Professional Regulation or licensing board.


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