Garage Door Cable Repairs

Garage door cables, along with springs to which these are connected, are some of the most sensitive parts of most garage door systems. Though they receive less shock and tension than springs, these cables still suffer from everyday motion with a tough task to lift the entire door weight.

The cables receive most of the stress when the opener is pulling them, i.e. when the door is opening. A cable breakage is thus most likely to happen during that procedure, so the door will forcibly fall to the ground. In most cases there will be damage to the door panel. If your car is in the garage, it will be stuck and you will not be able to push it out.

Breakage is not the only bad thing that can happen with your garage door’s cable, and certainly not the worst. What is worse than breakage is spun (or “loose” cable), an event in which the cable comes off the drum and twists around the torsion bar. The cable is not broken, it’s highly tensed and trying to get it back on your own will be a very risky endeavor for you and the garage door system. These things need to be dealt by qualified technicians only.

During any procedure on your garage door taken by qualified technicians, ask them to check and inspect its most sensitive parts – springs and cables. A garage door cable consists of several braided steel wires. Some of the wires may be broken, and it would remain unnoticed, but be aware that such a cable is highly tensed and the risk of a complete breakage is drastically increased.



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