Garage Door Opener Repair / Installation

Problems which can occur with your garage door openers might be a silent threat, and is very likely that it will ruin your whole day if occurs. Having your car stuck in the garage will require you to take cab or public transportation to get to work, you will lose much time and most likely be late. During the summer most of us park our cars on driveway, but during snowy winter months parking it in your garage is a must.

When the garage door opener breaks it might be a minor problem, such as losing contact with the power supply cable, or a major one, such as a broken circuit board, but you will most likely encounter it when you least need something like that to happen – when you hurry to roll out your car and get somewhere on time.


In moments like that, you will need a garage door repair team which is reliable and can get to you quickly, allowing you to access your garage and release the captive vehicle.

IN Repair Services is there for you whenever you have an issue with your garage door opener, being it urgent or not. Upon your call, we will come and examine your garage door opener, including some related parts and works such as the power supply and sensors.

Once the issue is found we will repair your garage door opener as quickly as possible. Even if our technicians find out a major issue which is unable to fix they will be able to replace it with a new opener.

Our service is available 24/7, including holidays, so anytime you need an urgent garage door opener service we will get to you. From or base in Concord we reach to the entire York Region and beyond. You can also schedule a garage door opener service appointment during our normal working hours.