Garage Door Spring Repairs

While garage doors, openers, rollers, opener carriages and other major parts of your garage door system are built to last and offer years of reliable service, springs are the most vulnerable things there. Like in many other mechanisms, springs receive the most of the mechanic shock, which causes quick deteriorating and ultimate stretch or compression wear-out or breakage.

And like in many other mechanisms, the springs in garage doors are parts that break most often. A standard garage door relies on a torsion spring mechanism, but some doors still use extension spring mechanisms, which are deemed less reliable and are widely being replaced by the torsion ones. The role of the spring is to balance the door and suppress excess power and shock, which is essential for proper functioning of the whole system.

Sometimes you won’t be able to detect wearing of your springs, these can still operate for long without causing any problems, but with a worn-out spring, issues with other parts are more likely. So if the worn out spring breaks before something else happens to your garage door, consider yourself lucky.

The springs are guardians of most garage door system. Replacement of worn-out springs on time will prevent breakage and any other issues with other, more complex parts. All these problems are usually much more expensive to repair. Spring control and replacement is best to be carried out as a part of regular, scheduled maintenance tasks, and most manufacturers propose spring replacement after a certain number of openings.


IN Repair Services is able to fix or replace worn out and broken garage door springs. We work with springs from most manufacturers on the market which includes Garadoor, Haskins, Henderson, Wessex, Hormann, Marley, Westland, Wickes and many other high quality spring manufacturers.

High quality garage door springs are a wise investment. The longer the springs last, the longer the other parts will operate in the same manner. IN Repair Services is the best choice for replacement of old, broken or worn out garage door springs with new, high quality ones.