Garage Door Track Repair

Garage door tracks are not a moving part, but there are still numerous issues that can happen. These tracks may be bent or worn out by long periods of use or damaged by accidents, most often hit by a car getting in or out of the garage. Serious garage door makers services will use high quality tracks which can last long, but car impact will most likely damage any garage door track.

Garage door hits are usually considered emergency situations, though these don’t require that high level of urgency as broken springs or cables when the car is stuck inside. However, damaged track will not allow the door to open or close, at least not fully, so it would remain partially open. Your garage will remain exposed to outside weather, robbers and various other hazards, and your entire home look will suffer. This is why you need to be reached quickly by qualified and certified technicians who will immediately replace your garage door tracks.

IN Services perform all garage door related interventions and our technicians are able to replace your damaged or worn out garage tracks and get your garage bak to shape and function again. Our certified technicians will do the job quickly, test the entire system with the new track and lubricate it properly.

Even if your garage door tracks are working properly, you must be careful. Track wearing can lead to damage of the door panels and some other sensitive parts of your garage door system. Note that your garage door tracks have to bee properly aligned. It’s often easy to spot as an imbalanced level of the door, so when closed it ill leave draft below the panel which is usually greater at one side than the another. It’s a clear sign that the tracks are worn out and it’s the time to call us before some greater damage happens.

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