Weather Stripping Installation / Replacement

Weather stripping of a garage door is more important than you think. Although you normally don’t spend much time in your garage, winter months in Ontario are usually be really cold, and knowing that many garages aren’t heated, these can be exposed. If you let the cold inside, you will very likely have troubles starting your car’s engine in the morning, and some other things you normally keep in your garage can also sustain damage due to freezing.

Even if your garage is heated, you will need to have good weather stripping on it. It will lower heating fuel consumption and save you money. Garage door weather strips are not like those you put on your home doors and windows, since they need to serve the purpose for many years once installed.

A worn out weather stripping is easy to detect, you will notice weather stripping seals hanging from the door side, or will find out fallen parts of it on the floor.  Once weather stripping seals begin breaking down its are no longer of any use. Only a fully sealed garage door is a properly sealed garage door.

If you notice wearing of your garage door weather stripping, you should contact us at IN service to replace it with new, high quality weather stripping. These new seals will surely be better than your old garage door weather stripping ever was. The high quality materials of our modern weather stripping give it high insulation index and a longer life than your old weather stripping.


IN Repair Service will dispatch a certified technician to remove your old garage door weather stripping leaving no parts, and install a new one carefully, leaving no room for the outside air, rainfall or snow to get inside.

We also have special purpose weather stripping solutions for commercial garage doors, in which these play a key role in prevention of any outside impact to your business, and if your commercial garage door weather stripping is falling apart the hands of our certified and experienced staff also be able to replace it with the high quality ones from renowned manufacturers.