Helpful Tips About Garage Door Safety

In most homes featuring a garage, the garage door is the largest among all objects designed to perform motion. Some of the doors major parts are very heavy, and if improperly used the door can injure or even kill persons around it. It can happen due to door hit, electric shock, attempts to fix certain parts by a non-qualified person, irresponsible operation and homeowner’s behavior.


  1. Do not let any children play in the garage or yard areas close to the garage door when you’re going to use it.
  1. Do not give the remote, or any other garage door control, or the sensors in the hand of children. Garage door is not a toy in any case!
  1. While driving or moving your car in the garage, on the driveway and immediate streetway aroung your home, avoid accidental pressing of a remote command. Keep the remote somewhere where you or someone else on board can’t activate the door.
  1. Do never try to move close to a garage door when it’s operating. Never rush to go under a garage door during the closure process, no matter you’re walking or driving the car.
  1. Have the garage door in sight until it fully closes. Especially if there’s children or anyone else left in the house.
  1. Do not try to fix or touch the door opener for any other reason. Electric shiock may occur if improperly handled, or handled by an unqualified person.
  1. Do regular maintenance to avoid problems with the garage door which can lead to injuries and damage to other objects around it. Maintain its good shape and state. Note that chains, springs, bearings and other parts which keep the door up may break when the door is open, and at the time you are walking or driving through.
  1. Buy a garage door opener which features a safety reversing sensor. This will prevent damage to you, other persons, vehicles and other things in case an unexpected closing or opening event happens.
  1. Do not try to fix cables or springs if broken, extended or loose. These can be highly tense and if dragged forcibly may hit you strongly, causing major and possibly life-threatening injuries.

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