Garage Door Repair Tips

Despite their relatively simple construction, issues with garage doors are not uncommon. It’s hence very good to know what to do when a problem with your garage door occurs.

1. Garage door won’t open

Check if the door opener works correctly. First, if your garage door is controlled by a remote, see if the it is working, since the battery might be exhausted. If it’s OK make sure that the opener, and the sensors, if the door is automatic, receive power, and whether the wiring between the opener and sensors are installed correctly. Most modern garage openers have LED indicators which emit light if the device is powered. If your opener doesn’t feature it, or it does but is off, check the fuses and the power supply. Note that there is a high electric shock hazard, so give it to a qualified person only, otherwise you do it at your own risk.

If the opener, sensors, and any other electric parts are working normally, you need to check the springs and the cable. Though these things are usually even easier to notice that the power supply, sometimes a spring or cable in particular, breakage may occur in a way that makes it hard to detect. In any case, the mechanical contact between the door and its opener is lost. The cable can also bee loose, meaning it’s off the drum, and in that case call IN Service to dispatch a qualified technician who will solve the problem.

2. Garage door won’t close

If the garage door is an automatic one, check if the sensors work correctly and if the photo eye is dirty or if there are objects which can block its sensation. In any other case, check the springs and cable, as the cable may just happen to be loose or even break, and you may have not noticed it due to the car. engine noise. Check is there is something that may block the door tracks. Also, most modern door openers, including even the cheapest models, feature a sensor which prevents accidental door going down while the car, or any other object is on its way, so make sure there is nothing in the door area.

3. Garage door opens and closes randomly

If the door is automatic, check if there is something that can bugger the sensors. In rare cases, the remote of your neighbor might be utilizing the same frequency, so it wil laccidentaly open your door as well. In any other case, the most likely issue is with the circuit board in the opener or the sensors, so call IN Service to dispatch a certified and qualified technician to detect and solve this issue.

4. Garage door opens or closes just partially

Check if there are any objects close to the tracks. Then check the cable and springs. The cable may be broken or loose, and the spring may also be broken, but it can be worn out too.

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