Tips For Purchasing A New Garage Door

A new garage door is not something homeowners should neglect. Not all garage doors are the same. To determine which garage door is the best option for your home you have to consider several things before purchase or order.

Style and Design

There are several basic garage door designs: roll up, side-by-side,  slide up and slide-a-side. Each of these four design options has a distinctive mechanical solution behind it. There are also variants, such as sectional sliding up and side-by-side, accordion slide, and else. Which one you choose depends on your preferences, home design, dimensions, available space and price.


So far, sectional sliding is the best overall option. A segmented door is durable, and once a segment breaks you don’t have to replace the entire panel, just the damaged segment . However, slide up doors also have their advantages as very safe and protective, while side by side doors are most suitable for stylish homes.



Most doors are made of steel, wood, aluminum or vinyl. Steel is the most common option, it’s reasonably priced and doesn’t wear out quickly.


Steel doors also offer high safety from theft and environmental damage. Wood is a classic option, which sports high insulation capabilities as its main advantage. However, wood requires maintenance and protection, and can suffer from environmental exposure, particularly water or long sunlight.


Vinyl and aluminum are lightweight and cheaper than the other two materials. However, these are not only cheap regarding price, but also regarding look, and are not quite durable. Their main advantage is very low price.


Mechanic Parts

When buying a garage door, the seller might ask you for certain mechanic part options. Most commonly you will be asked whether you want torsion or extension springs. If asked, opt for torsion ones without much thinking. Torsion springs are longer lasting, more durable, require less parts, and are less dangerous when break.


Another issue dealing with garage door mechanics is the chain or belt operated opener drive. Always look for openers with a chain, although they might be a bit pricier, the chain will last much longer and is almost unbreakable, so unlike a rubber belt.

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