What our costumers are Saying…

Last summer, I had an important meeting with the executives in my company. I made sure my car is properly weatherized and even heat up the garage to make sure it will start in the morning. I was happy to see it did when I realized my garage door won’t open. My car was stuck inside, and I was shocked. Being late to the meeting was not an option. I knew nothing about garage doors and was even unaware there’s an emergency service specialized for such issues. I reached out to my first neighbor, who replaced his garage door shortly before and they recommended IN Services, who installed his new door. I called the service and declared an emergency. Guys were there in 30 minutes, found the issue which was in the opener, replaced some stuff inside and released the car. I was on a thin ice to get to the meeting on time but succeeded in the end. Thank you IN for saving my job!



Elanor A (Toronto)

I had problems with my garage door for eight years, since I moved into my North york home, which was built back in the  1970s. The door was prolly the original one, never replaced and poorly maintained by previous owners. From the very first day it was due to replacement, but I neglected it

leaving the car on my driveway to prevent any further trouble. One day during a snowstorm  my driveway was inaccessible. When a huge snowstorm hit in February this year (2016) I spent much time cleaning the snow from my car. I realized I’m in a desperate need for a garage. I found IN Services as a nearby garage door service and scheduled an appointment in spite of foul weather. Three days later I had my new garage door, which is working well, so my car stays safe and snow free over night.

Irwin E (North York)

It was Sunday evening, me and my family back from our weekend trip. Just as we got home I opened the door, which went halfway and suddenly crushed down. Ok, I left the car in front of it, it was summer, but was worried what happened to the door. The cable broke and the door panel dented. I called the contractor which originally installed the door, but their offer was ridiculously expensive! I rushed searching garage services online, called many. While most tried to dupe me  into changing the entire door system,  I found IN Services. Guys replaced all damaged parts quickly, it was the cable, panel and few other things and lubed it properly. The whole system checked as well, no unexpected issues found . Everything is neat now. One of the guys explained me why my cable broke and how to prevent it in the future. Couldn’t have asked for more!

Adrian T (Mississauga)

I was hearing noises from the garage door for some time before, didn’t pay attention much, but one day trying to close it, wouldn’t go down to the floor, there was half meter or so left as a draft. I was worried for the safety and didn’t like how it looks viewed from the street. . Called several services to choose the cheapest among them. It turned out to be IN. Never heard of them before, and was a bit worried, but they replaced few things there quickly door is working fine for now. It was just a minor expense, and I am satisfied. Will call IN if some new garage door issue happens.


Fiona L (North York)